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Knowledge Audit & Knowledge Diagnostics Workshop

This two-day programme is focused on helping participants to diagnose the opportunities for knowledge and information management interventions to support the operational work of an organisation.

It teaches participants how to conduct a knowledge audit, develop knowledge maps, and conduct other KM diagnostics on the operational needs and organisational culture, to reach recommendations on possible interventions.

The workshop is part of our three-workshop “KM Implementation” series covering three core areas of KM diagnostics, KM strategy development, and taxonomy work. A secure online blog is available to provide coaching and feedback to participants for at least one month after the workshop.
This workshop demonstrates approaches and techniques for tactical knowledge management interventions only – for strategic KM interventions, participants should also take our KM Strategy workshop to gain the full picture.
Participants who are interested to take both workshops on Knowledge Audit & KM Diagnostics and Knowledge Management Strategy can sign up for the “KM Implementation” combined workshop at a discounted rate.

Learning Objectives
• To understand the different forms of organisational knowledge and their matching strategies
• To be able to plan and conduct a knowledge audit and KM diagnostics exercise, covering both operational needs and cultural factors
• To be able to build and analyse activity-based knowledge maps
• To be able to develop recommendations for Km interventions based on knowledge maps and KM diagnostic exercises

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