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Expert Knowledge Transfer Workshop

This three-day programme (2 days in the first month and a follow up day a month later) is focused on helping participants to understand the different forms of expert knowledge in an organisation, to assess risks, priorities and needs around expert knowledge, and have practice in seven key techniques to use in capturing and transferring expertise.

The workshop is part of our signature training and coaching programme in proven knowledge sharing and transfer techniques, in the three core areas of project management, expertise transfer and peer collaboration. Each workshop has a one-month interval between the second and third days to allow participants to practise what they have learnt, and a secure online blog is available to provide coaching and feedback.

Learning Objectives
• To understand what expertise is and how it is acquired
• To know how to identify critical expertise for your organisation, and how to differentiate the types of expertise
• To be able to identify appropriate knowledge transfer strategies for different types of expertise
• To be able to conduct effective interviews
• To be able to use concept mapping as an expertise mapping and capture technique
• To be able to conduct an expertise knowledge audit interview
• To be able to facilitate a Fishbowl discussion to support expertise transfer
• To be able to facilitate a peer assist for problem solving with experts
• To know how to create podcasts and vodcasts
• To be able to facilitate a play of life exercise as an expertise transfer technique

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