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Communities of Practice & Peer Collaboration Workshop

This three-day programme (2 days in the first month and a follow up day a month later) is focused on helping participants to understand the different forms of collaboration in an organisation, to understand the dynamics of a community of practice (CoP), how collaborative communities are formed, supported and sustained, and to be able to use nine key techniques that can support knowledge sharing within communities.

The workshop is part of our signature training and coaching programme in proven knowledge sharing and transfer techniques, in the three core areas of project management, expertise transfer and peer collaboration. Each workshop has a one-month interval between the second and third days to allow participants to practise what they have learnt, and a secure online blog is available to provide coaching and feedback.

Learning Objectives
• To understand what communities of practice are, and the key dynamics that make them successful or unsuccessful
• To be able to identify opportunities in your organisation for peer collaboration, knowledge sharing and communities
• To understand how to plan a CoP launch and draw up a CoP Charter
• To be able to plan and facilitate an Open Space Technology session
• To be able to apply the principles of Appreciative Inquiry in fostering open sharing in a voluntary community
• To be able to use storytelling as a knowledge sharing and influencing technique
• To be able to collect stories by facilitating anecdote circles
• To know the principles and process of Most Significant Change as an evaluation technique
• To know how to identify better practices through a Positive Deviance exercise

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