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“Very useful. When developing the KM course for the U.S. Army War College I used the Diagnostic, Method, and Organizational Culture cards in the development of scenarios and use cases that were incorporated into the curriculum. Additionally, I relied heavily on the Guidebook when developing actionable KM approaches, methods, and tools while consulting at the Food and Drug Administration, Center for Devices and Radiological Health.”

– Art Schlussel, Schlussel Consulting, USA

“Our 1.5 hour session focused on the red, relatively more positive suits, and [we] asked participants to choose the behavioural traits relatively more common in [our organisation]. They then picked traits which they felt would bring the most value to their departments and thought up plans on how to encourage such behaviour. We paired the cards with the EAST framework to help them get started on thinking about interventions for behavioural change.

It was well received and there is appetite for us to do another session focusing more on the relatively more negative black suits. The only potential caveat is that participants tend to see the cards as specific individuals rather than as behavioural traits (despite reiterating this a few times!) so we will just have to keep stressing this point to make it safe enough to talk about negative behavioural traits later. Thanks for designing such an innovative product!”

– Singapore regulatory body

This pack of cards represents 52 typical patterns of behaviour found in organisations dealing with change management, developing innovation, becoming a learning organisation, or implementing information and knowledge management initiatives.

They have been developed out of six years of projects and the participation of almost a thousand people who shared their experiences of working in such situations, abstracted the typical values, attitudes and behaviours expressed in those experiences, and created the forerunners of the cards in this pack. The pack also contains a set of twelve suggested ways of using these cards, ranging from change management to team building to personal development.

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