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KM Diagnostic Cards


“Very useful. When developing the KM course for the U.S. Army War College I used the Diagnostic, Method, and Organizational Culture cards in the development of scenarios and use cases that were incorporated into the curriculum. Additionally, I relied heavily on the Guidebook when developing actionable KM approaches, methods, and tools while consulting at the Food and Drug Administration, Center for Devices and Radiological Health.”

– Art Schlussel, Schlussel Consulting, USA

“Extremely useful. I have used both card decks [Diagnostic and Method Cards] in workshops with clients to assist them in identifying KM needs, and to inform them of potential solutions. I am also considering using them in a post-grad KM class.”

– Keith De La Rue, AcKnowledge Consulting, Australia

This pack, designed to support rapid organisational KM diagnostics exercises contains cards giving 75 signals of possible issues and opportunities around three critical knowledge-based functions of organisations:

1. Coordination
2. Learning
3. Remembering

The cards have been developed out of issues reported by managers from the field across multiple organisations over several years. Within KM assessments and knowledge audits they are designed to help identify common issues and themes recurring across the organisation, framed in ways that managers understand, and worthy of concentrated effort.

You can use these cards:

a. To raise awareness of knowledge and information management issues.

b. To help managers diagnose opportunities for knowledge management or information management improvements.

c. As part of a knowledge audit to identify common knowledge, information and learning needs.

d. As part of your needs analysis in a KM strategy exercise.

e. With our KM Method Cards to design interventions to meet real needs.

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Price: USD55.00

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