Straits Knowledge has collaborated on projects with the following fine organisations:

Anecdote specialises in helping organisations to tackle complex problems like learning, knowledge sharing and organisational change. They help to create the conditions for insight and empowerment.
Cognitive Edge
Cognitive Edge, formerly The Cynefin Centre, is an international network that focuses on the application of complexity science to management and organisational practice. Straits Knowledge is a licensed practitioner of Cynefin methods and tools.
Common Knowledge Associates
Common Knowledge Associates, founded by Dr Nancy M. Dixon, is a consulting and research firm working with organizations to increase the effectiveness of their knowledge sharing initiatives. Their extensive experience within military, government and industry allows their to bring to client organizations a broad-based knowledge of what exemplary organizations are doing in this fast changing field.
Klein Associates
Klein Associates was founded by Gary Klein over 25 years ago, to help organizations develop new solutions to support human performance, particularly in the areas of decision-making in challenging circumstances, understanding and leveraging expertise and experience, and finding out how customers think. Klein Associates is now the Cognitive Solutions Division of Applied Research Associates, Inc.
Knowledge Platform
Knowledge Platform is one of the most experienced developers of online learning content in Singapore. Patrick Lambe and Edgar Tan are both alumni of Knowledge Platform.
This is Valdis Krebs' website. Valdis is an oft-quoted expert on network analysis and network weaving. His work has been covered in major media such as Business Week and Fast Company, and in dozens of books. We use the software that he develops, InFlow, to map social networks for our clients.
pebbleRoad is a user experience design studio based in Singapore and specializes in building simple, usable and memorable solutions that maximize business value in these areas: websites, intranets and learning.
Step Two Designs
Founded in 1996, Step Two Designs has grown to be one of Asia Pacific's best known consultancy firms giving vendor neutral advice in specifying, buying and designing intranets and content management systems; usability and information architecture; content management and KM.
Stronium is an extremely talented application development company based in Kuala Lumpur. We have worked with them on the development and support of our software application, Aithin, and we partner with Stronium on taxonomy consulting projects involving Synaptica implementations.
Synaptica is one of the world's leading taxonomy and ontology management software companies. Synaptica software has been in continuous production since 1995, and has been recognized by KMWorld Magazine’s 100 Companies that Matter Award (2012 / 2014 / 2015). Straits Knowledge uses Synaptica in our taxonomy consulting projects, and our sister company Straits Knowledge Digital is Gold Partner and authorised reseller for Synaptica software.