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The Knowledge Manager’s Handbook: A step-by-step guide to embedding effective knowledge management in your organization by Nick Milton and Patrick Lambe


From Nick Milton and Patrick Lambe comes a practical handbook, full of examples and tips, for knowledge managers on all the steps involved in implementing knowledge management in a sustainable and effective way. The book also contains five international case studies from Mars, Huawei, the Youth Olympics, an oil and gas multinational, and a UK law firm.

This book will be an essential vade mecum for knowledge managers at different stages of their journeys. Advance praise for the book:

Larry Prusak: “Here are two very experienced knowledge practitioners and thinkers to help us get through the difficulties of bringing forth a desperately needed new practice … with clarity, insight, many good examples and good writing.”
Bob Buckman: “This is the most comprehensive book I have ever read on the implementation of KM.”
Nancy Dixon: “I’ve been working in KM for 20 years and I still picked up some new ideas in this book that will make my work easier. This is a book knowledge managers will find themselves returning to again and again.”
Murni Shariff (PETRONAS Malaysia): “A brilliant book with practical and grounded approaches, believable case studies and fabulous tips that made me want to revisit my entire KM programme!”
Mavis Lee (Singapore Army): “If you are new to KM, this will be the book to help you get started quickly and surely. If you are already an experienced knowledge manager, you’ll be surprised how this book can help you check your blind spots and show you how to move forward.”

Published in the UK and the USA by Kogan Page, London and Philadelphia, in 2016.

Price: USD65.00