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KM Method Cards


“Very useful. When developing the KM course for the U.S. Army War College I used the Diagnostic, Method, and Organizational Culture cards in the development of scenarios and use cases that were incorporated into the curriculum. Additionally, I relied heavily on the Guidebook when developing actionable KM approaches, methods, and tools while consulting at the Food and Drug Administration, Center for Devices and Radiological Health.”

– Art Schlussel, Schlussel Consulting, USA

“Extremely useful. I have used both card decks [Diagnostic and Method Cards] in workshops with clients to assist them in identifying KM needs, and to inform them of potential solutions. I am also considering using them in a post-grad KM class.”

– Keith De La Rue, AcKnowledge Consulting, Australia

A pack of our KM Method Cards contains concise descriptions of 80 Approaches, Methods and Tools that Knowledge Managers and KM Activists can use in a variety of scenarios.

...and probably many more! Let us know how you end up using them!

Want to find out what’s inside a pack? Check out the Guide to Contents, which now gives references and sources for all the techniques and approaches covered.

What people say:

“I have really appreciated having the cards, and have found them helpful in both consultancy and academic applications.”

- Australian management consultant

Price: USD50.00

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