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Change Management Cards


This set of cards contains over 80 cards describing change principles, change processes, change roles and change tools, designed to help change managers plan and implement successful change.

Designed by our partners at the Change Management Toolbox the Change Management Cards provide a fresh alternative to that intractable problem of how to engage people in the change initiative.

They are designed to engage your people, help them understand the need for change, and work with them in a structured way to socially construct a future state that will achieve sustainable business outcomes.

The change management cards contains four subset groups of cards to assist in demystifying change:

The ways that you can use these cards in your team or organisation is only limited only by the collective imagination and intelligence of the audience.

Although they are a powerful tool to enable the social construction of a way to embrace change and the future, they can also be used by individual leaders and practitioners to inform their initiatives during development and implementation of change.

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Price: USD65.00

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