About Our Training Programmes

Over the past 10 years, Straits Knowledge has been teaching KM frameworks, techniques and methodologies but typically in the context of in-house consulting engagements.

From 2008 onwards, we have been making these workshops publicly available along with our published performance support tools, as we see the increasing need for KM practitioners to be able to exercise these methodologies themselves - or even cascade them to colleagues - within their own organisation.

Our workshops are highly practical, the content refined through years of actual implementation experience. We run workshops in the following areas:

Project Learning & Knowledge Capture
Expertise Transfer
Communities of Practice & Peer Collaboration
KM Strategy and Frameworks
Knowledge Mapping & KM Diagnostics
Taxonomy Development

We also conduct customised inhouse programmes for knowledge management teams and KM Champions. To get more detailed information about the workshops please call us at +65 62210383.

All our workshops give training in how to use the KM aids we have developed, the course materials include those aids and we also sell them in our online store.