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Getting Management Buy-in For KM

The objective of this collaborative research project is to discover a variety of strategies for getting management buy-in for knowledge management initiatives. It covers both senior and middle management levels.

In the first phase of this project, we are gathering examples from the practical experience of knowledge management practitioners, where buy-in has been sought, whether or not the attempt was successful. Some early contributions from the ACT-KM Forum are listed below, and you are invited to make your own contribution here.

In the second phase, we will be working with the material gathered and KM practitioners in a number of locations (Singapore, Australia, maybe more) to identify issues, themes and potential approaches. We’ll be using techniques developed by the Cognitive Edge (formerly Cynefin) network.

The results and a write-up of the methodology will be made available to participants and the ACT-KM community. (For an example of an earlier research project about online community culture, see this article).


You can anonymise the details or refer to an incident “in an organisation you know”. The main thing we want is a description of the incident itself and its consequences, good, bad or interesting. While you might feel like reflecting more generally on what happened or might have happened, we are more interested in the actual story of what happened than getting advice at this stage on how to approach managers for support. The following prompt questions may help: