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Alchemy Workshop Perth Oct 2006

Thanks to all of you for your registration for and participation in this seminar. This page will be the location for seminar materials, references and further questions and contributions.



1. Workshop slides note: 3.9MB

2. The OzWater Management Decision Game note: please do not edit or change, retain Straits Knowledge attribution whenever you use it



Patrick Lambe ‘Why KM is Hard to Do’
Maish Nichani ‘Taming your target content’
Patrick Lambe ‘Building Information Neighbourhoods’

Cognitive Edge ‘Anecdote Circles’
Cognitive Edge ‘Archetype Creation’
Valdis Krebs social network analysis case studies at www.orgnet.com

Free download of concept mapping software at http://cmap.ihmc.us/

E-book guide to using anecdote circles from Anecdote Ultimate Guide to Anecdote Circles (some other good resources at their website)

Patrick Lambe An introduction to decision games


Patrick Lambe Organizing Knowledge: Taxonomies Knowledge and Organization Effectiveness (comprehensive introduction to knowledge organization, taxonomy development and implementation issues)
Andrew Parker and Rob Cross The Hidden Power of Social Networks (practical guide to the use of social network analysis in organizations)
Mike Kuniavsky Observing the User Experience (techniques for understanding user needs in real world contexts)
Elizabeth Orna Information Strategy in Practice (good introduction to information mapping)
Beth Crandall, Gary Klein, Robert Hoffman Working Minds: A Practitioner’s Guide to Cognitive Task Analysis (ch 4 has a good introduction to the use of concept mapping)


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